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If you’re already grossed out by the title of this post, just stop reading. This probably doesn’t interest you…

I’ve always been into some of the more extreme forms of fetishism, and few fetishes are more extreme than Human Toilet Servitude. What is Human Toilet Servitude, you ask? You’ve probably already figured it out, but I’ll indulge you anyways.

Human Toilet Servitude is the consumption of urine, feces, and/or menstrual fluid.

“Gross!” “Sick!” “Disgusting!” “Mentally ill!” Yup, I’ve heard it all, and have learned to accept that I’ve got an uncommon fetish, and that’s OK. It’s certainly not for everyone. We all approach sexuality differently, and have our own personal system of risk management. What I hope to achieve here is to outline the comparable risks of STD/STI transmission so those seeking to make the leap from fantasy to reality can make an informed decision. Note, however, that I AM NOT A DOCTOR, and this information is based solely on my own research. IT IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE.

The Risks

Consuming urine is a relatively low risk activity. Urine is normally sterile, so the likelihood of transmitting an STD/STI is relatively low. However, if blood is present in the urine which is being consumed, the risk increases. Blood in your urine, called hematuria, can be caused by kidney or bladder infections, prostate cancer, and a number of other diseases. If you experience hematuria, see a doctor.

The other risk associated with drinking piss is the effect drugs that were taken by the person pissing passing through to the human toilet. Be aware of any meds your partner is on, and how they might affect you. Heh, you can also pass vitamins in urine- so it can be a healthy experience!

In general, drink a lot of water before and after drinking piss. There is a lot of sodium in pee, so it’s important not to get dehydrated.

Comparable risks– I’d say drinking someone’s piss is about as risky as French kissing. In fact, French kissing may be higher risk if your partner just brushed their teeth, as that may cause small cuts on their gums which could transmit blood borne disease.

This is probably the highest risk activity. I’d strongly recommend this only be done with a well known partner 2-3 months after an STD/STI test. Menses is normal human blood mixed with lining from the uterine wall. The biggest risk of transmission includes HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B & C. However, you will likely be at risk for any blood borne illness.

Comparable risks– this activity would be about as risky as unprotected vaginal sex or IV drug use. Not quite as risky as unprotected anal sex.

The big one. Not as high risk as menses necessarily, but I’d say the risk is broader. Shit contains dead blood cells, insoluble fiber, fat, bacteria, and is mostly water. The bacteria present in fecal matter are not necessarily harmful, though the biggest risk would likely be E. coli. Normal fecal flora (bacteria) have actually been used to treat C. difficile, a gastrointestinal condition, via Fecal Transplant!
Other gastrointestinal risks include shigellosis, campylobacter, salmonella, yersinia, and amebiasis. These conditions are less common in developed nations, so it makes sense to ask your partner whether they’ve traveled outside the country recently. If you are immunocompromised, these conditions can be very dangerous if not fatal.
The more serious diseases to worry about are HIV and Hepatitis. The easiest way for this to be transmitted is if your partner has tears in their rectum or hemorrhoids, resulting in bright red streaks of blood in their poo.

Comparable risks– Most of the gastrointestinal risks associated with this activity are comparable to eating undercooked meat in an unsanitary dining establishment. If you develop nausea, diarrhea, bloating, or other symptoms soon after eating shit, see your doctor. Most of the GI conditions are treatable with various antibiotics. The more serious risks might be comparable to messy ass to mouth rimming followed by French kissing.

In conclusion, I don’t believe full toilet servitude is more risky than unprotected anal or vaginal sex.

I’ll leave you with a few harm reduction tips to make your play safer:

Don’t brush your teeth immediately after consumption. Brushing can lead to bleeding gums, which could directly infect your bloodstream.
Know your STD/STI status. Get tested at least every 6 months. Share your status with your partner.
When with a new partner or pro, ask about recent travel outside the country. Check to see if there are GI issues common to that area.
Try to have your feeder eat lots of fiber. It will help them have a smoother bowel movement, reducing the risk of anal tears leading to blood in their stool.

Additional Resources:

Manscat Health Forum

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CDC STD Basic Facts and FAQs

Again, I’m no doctor… If you see something blatantly incorrect, and have the data to back it up, please comment or email me and I’ll change it.

“Talk Dirty To Me!”

I’m sure camgirls and fetish models hear this all the time. Most probably have a few stock phrases and stories to tell. On this blog, I’ll try to give some of my thoughts/opinions on erotic fetish stories. Later posts may deal with themes, situations, interactions… but for now, let’s start with the basics.

What Words Can I Use?

I wrote this list up on paper a few years ago. I didn’t categorize the words, so I’m doing that on the fly right now. Hopefully it’s helpful!

*deep breath*

Action Words-

dissolve, beg, massage, flutter, squash, devour, spray, squirt, melting, whip, inhale, spew, drench, spurt, whimper, imbibe, wiggle, appreciate, worship, adore, subdue, snort, laugh, snicker, obliterate, drain, bust, growing, rising, laboriously, slither, scoff, berate, harangue, sip, slap, assault, overpower, suppress, pacify, squeeze, mash, compress, thwart, mock, tease, gulp, resist, scold, overwhelm, seep, trickle, shave, slam, relax, flick, fling, service, delve, plunge, wipe, immersed, engulf, rubbing, strain, gasp, clutch, encase, pump, stun, dangle, restrict, dispose, grind, gyrate, ply, degrade, humiliate, chewed, savor, pounding, throbbing, hug, jiggle, struggle,  clench, glare

Fart Synonyms and descriptions(This is my big fetish, so I gave it its own category)-

miasma, emanation, rotten eggs, blast, stifling, murky, stew,  greasy, caustic, trumpet, aroma, unpleasant, revolting, horrid, sickening, vile, offensive, repulsive, curdle, churning, stinky, scent, intoxicating, whiff, stench, nasty, warmth, filthy, rumbling,  putrid, foul, sweet, rotten, cheesy, sulphuric, pungent, reek, bloated, swollen, noxious, nauseated, woozy, bubbly, toxic, gurgling, torrent

Descriptive Words-

thud, heaving, booming, tender, steamy, exertion, whack, euphoric, buttery, creamy, lumpy, muffled, timid, thump, strike, wollop, worst, starving, famished, ravenous, deftly, sultry, seductive, fleshy, flexible, pliable, rolled, intolerable, dainty, amorous, lacy, elastic, blunt, bizarre, stuffy, invigorating, enthralling, weak, nonchalantly, merciless, unforgiving, greedy, gluttonous, milky, murky, tingling, stern, strict, stinging, searing, arrogant, pleasant, divine, sublime, glisten, pulsate, silky, smooth, slimy, mucousy, moist, sticky, hazy, sleek, smooth, powerful, strong, sick, excessive, indulgent, firm, unrelenting, hairy, plush.

About you-

fantasy, glorious, messy, sloppy, dream, frankly, annoyed, supple, coy, sumptuous, curvy, globes, plump, beckon, sweat, dripping, round, mountain(ous), massive, insatiable, caress

About them-

beg, shame, indignity, obligation, demean, apologize, muzzle, nervous, squirm, struggle, exasperation, desperate, request, hesitant, rewarded, focus, trapped, crawl,  anticipation, restrict, suffer, pity, kneel, excruciating, obedience, rude, inconsiderate.

Other (These are loose categories, and I didn’t know where to put these)-

slobber, anticipation, pasty, jello, salacious, waxy, discharge, cringe, masticate, acidic, chill, ripple, nightmare, exhilaration, secretion, release, banal, corn, compliance, pudding, bananas, crud, junk, worm, saliva, masked, petite, yuck, yucky, scorn, glob, depth, spandex, bark, schadenfreude, budding, vexation, elastic, cruel, decadence, extravagant, ghastly, sweat, smear, congestion, sludge, caked, ooze, soiled, avert, succulent, detached, bitter, salty, fuzzy, muscular, ill, waste, cramps, ire, wrath, vengeful, terror, horror, shock, plump, spiteful, abhorrent, buried, smothered.

This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive. This is just a jumping off point for those who may be having writers block when creating new fetish clips. Hope it’s helpful!

It always concerns me when I look over the threads in fart forums, and they’re filled with guys seeking women to fart in their face, but not much else. It seems like these guys are essentially looking for a free pro-domme session. Has anyone ever been successful with this tactic? Or is it just a turn-on to post about it?

To me, it makes way more sense to pursue kinky folks, then bring up the topic of farting as something you’re into. If you’ve established a good relationship, it’s much easier to discuss. I’ve also found that people think fart fetishes, watersports, toilet servitude, etc are kinda weird, but not a deal breaker. I’ve had 6-7 partners who were willing to fart in my face, and none of them had done it before. It’s not necessarily something you bring up on the first date, but ease into.

It sounds like there are a bunch of entitled guys who don’t think they should have to do any work to get their fantasies fulfilled. Everything has a cost. I’ve had partners who’ve engaged in various toilet activities, but it’s never the defining aspect of the relationship. Now, honestly, I’d prefer to see pro-dommes or find fetish clips rather than try to make my existing relationships fit what is a fairly unrealistic fantasy…

Also, there’s a lot of issues around privilege at play… Guys, even subs, seem to feel entitled to women’s bodies, and face farting + toilet slavery are not immune to this common form of messed up assumptions.

So, I guess my point is- rather than trying to solicit women for fart fetish fulfillment, wouldn’t it make more sense to discuss how to incorporate farting into new or existing relationships? And leave the demands for domination to the realm of fantasy?

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