Hi, I’m Max.
Max is not the name I was born with. It’s my fetish name. Soon we will all have fetish names, corresponding to our most perverse, uninhibited desires. Names designed to make our most intimate organs resonate with pleasure…

I’m here to share my search for for the best the fetish world has to offer. I am seeking out the strange, the perverse, the bizarre, and the bold.

Why am I blogging about the Adult Industry, even though I don’t really have an interest in making it a job/career? Well…It’s a very complicated field. You have to be proficient in so many things- photography, videography, photo/video/audio editing, choreography, marketing, sales, psychology, social networking, social media, accounting, PR, presentation skills, HTML, computer security, identity protection, fetishes, law, sexology, time management… just to name a few! I like complexity, and I like a challenge, so the field is attractive to me because there’s not really many “experts” since there are so many moving parts. I’m particularly interested in the security issues since I work in IT, so it’s good to know what tactics are being used “in the field”, but most everything about the industry is helpful to me.

Another reason I’m blogging about this is my belief in Free and Open Source software and collaborative communities. I am a big fan of DIY tech, and it’s something I see lacking in the Adult Industry. I’m sure it’s there, so I’ll point out where it exists, but will also try to see where it might make sense to employ more horizontal structures. I’m not an expert, but I don’t think you have to be an expert to point people in the right direction. I want toprovide a free, open resource for workers in the Adult industry without the sketchy “favors” IT guys may expect in return. In short, I don’t want to fix your computer, build your website, edit your clips, or really do anything for you. I want to hear what the issues you face are, and create a resource that will point everyone else who’s facing the same problem in the right direction.

I’ll be sharing ideas, calling out misogynist BS, giving IT security tips, and anything else I can do to help increase fetish/porn acceptance, make it safer for those who engage in it, and encourage generally perverseness in society. I’m just some guy- I work in IT, love fetish porn, am active in the kink scene, and travel a whole bunch, spreading my love of filth as I go!
I hope you will follow along with me on my journey.