“Talk Dirty To Me!”

I’m sure camgirls and fetish models hear this all the time. Most probably have a few stock phrases and stories to tell. On this blog, I’ll try to give some of my thoughts/opinions on erotic fetish stories. Later posts may deal with themes, situations, interactions… but for now, let’s start with the basics.

What Words Can I Use?

I wrote this list up on paper a few years ago. I didn’t categorize the words, so I’m doing that on the fly right now. Hopefully it’s helpful!

*deep breath*

Action Words-

dissolve, beg, massage, flutter, squash, devour, spray, squirt, melting, whip, inhale, spew, drench, spurt, whimper, imbibe, wiggle, appreciate, worship, adore, subdue, snort, laugh, snicker, obliterate, drain, bust, growing, rising, laboriously, slither, scoff, berate, harangue, sip, slap, assault, overpower, suppress, pacify, squeeze, mash, compress, thwart, mock, tease, gulp, resist, scold, overwhelm, seep, trickle, shave, slam, relax, flick, fling, service, delve, plunge, wipe, immersed, engulf, rubbing, strain, gasp, clutch, encase, pump, stun, dangle, restrict, dispose, grind, gyrate, ply, degrade, humiliate, chewed, savor, pounding, throbbing, hug, jiggle, struggle,  clench, glare

Fart Synonyms and descriptions(This is my big fetish, so I gave it its own category)-

miasma, emanation, rotten eggs, blast, stifling, murky, stew,  greasy, caustic, trumpet, aroma, unpleasant, revolting, horrid, sickening, vile, offensive, repulsive, curdle, churning, stinky, scent, intoxicating, whiff, stench, nasty, warmth, filthy, rumbling,  putrid, foul, sweet, rotten, cheesy, sulphuric, pungent, reek, bloated, swollen, noxious, nauseated, woozy, bubbly, toxic, gurgling, torrent

Descriptive Words-

thud, heaving, booming, tender, steamy, exertion, whack, euphoric, buttery, creamy, lumpy, muffled, timid, thump, strike, wollop, worst, starving, famished, ravenous, deftly, sultry, seductive, fleshy, flexible, pliable, rolled, intolerable, dainty, amorous, lacy, elastic, blunt, bizarre, stuffy, invigorating, enthralling, weak, nonchalantly, merciless, unforgiving, greedy, gluttonous, milky, murky, tingling, stern, strict, stinging, searing, arrogant, pleasant, divine, sublime, glisten, pulsate, silky, smooth, slimy, mucousy, moist, sticky, hazy, sleek, smooth, powerful, strong, sick, excessive, indulgent, firm, unrelenting, hairy, plush.

About you-

fantasy, glorious, messy, sloppy, dream, frankly, annoyed, supple, coy, sumptuous, curvy, globes, plump, beckon, sweat, dripping, round, mountain(ous), massive, insatiable, caress

About them-

beg, shame, indignity, obligation, demean, apologize, muzzle, nervous, squirm, struggle, exasperation, desperate, request, hesitant, rewarded, focus, trapped, crawl,  anticipation, restrict, suffer, pity, kneel, excruciating, obedience, rude, inconsiderate.

Other (These are loose categories, and I didn’t know where to put these)-

slobber, anticipation, pasty, jello, salacious, waxy, discharge, cringe, masticate, acidic, chill, ripple, nightmare, exhilaration, secretion, release, banal, corn, compliance, pudding, bananas, crud, junk, worm, saliva, masked, petite, yuck, yucky, scorn, glob, depth, spandex, bark, schadenfreude, budding, vexation, elastic, cruel, decadence, extravagant, ghastly, sweat, smear, congestion, sludge, caked, ooze, soiled, avert, succulent, detached, bitter, salty, fuzzy, muscular, ill, waste, cramps, ire, wrath, vengeful, terror, horror, shock, plump, spiteful, abhorrent, buried, smothered.

This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive. This is just a jumping off point for those who may be having writers block when creating new fetish clips. Hope it’s helpful!