It always concerns me when I look over the threads in fart forums, and they’re filled with guys seeking women to fart in their face, but not much else. It seems like these guys are essentially looking for a free pro-domme session. Has anyone ever been successful with this tactic? Or is it just a turn-on to post about it?

To me, it makes way more sense to pursue kinky folks, then bring up the topic of farting as something you’re into. If you’ve established a good relationship, it’s much easier to discuss. I’ve also found that people think fart fetishes, watersports, toilet servitude, etc are kinda weird, but not a deal breaker. I’ve had 6-7 partners who were willing to fart in my face, and none of them had done it before. It’s not necessarily something you bring up on the first date, but ease into.

It sounds like there are a bunch of entitled guys who don’t think they should have to do any work to get their fantasies fulfilled. Everything has a cost. I’ve had partners who’ve engaged in various toilet activities, but it’s never the defining aspect of the relationship. Now, honestly, I’d prefer to see pro-dommes or find fetish clips rather than try to make my existing relationships fit what is a fairly unrealistic fantasy…

Also, there’s a lot of issues around privilege at play… Guys, even subs, seem to feel entitled to women’s bodies, and face farting + toilet slavery are not immune to this common form of messed up assumptions.

So, I guess my point is- rather than trying to solicit women for fart fetish fulfillment, wouldn’t it make more sense to discuss how to incorporate farting into new or existing relationships? And leave the demands for domination to the realm of fantasy?

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