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“Talk Dirty To Me!”

I’m sure camgirls and fetish models hear this all the time. Most probably have a few stock phrases and stories to tell. On this blog, I’ll try to give some of my thoughts/opinions on erotic fetish stories. Later posts may deal with themes, situations, interactions… but for now, let’s start with the basics.

What Words Can I Use?

I wrote this list up on paper a few years ago. I didn’t categorize the words, so I’m doing that on the fly right now. Hopefully it’s helpful!

*deep breath*

Action Words-

dissolve, beg, massage, flutter, squash, devour, spray, squirt, melting, whip, inhale, spew, drench, spurt, whimper, imbibe, wiggle, appreciate, worship, adore, subdue, snort, laugh, snicker, obliterate, drain, bust, growing, rising, laboriously, slither, scoff, berate, harangue, sip, slap, assault, overpower, suppress, pacify, squeeze, mash, compress, thwart, mock, tease, gulp, resist, scold, overwhelm, seep, trickle, shave, slam, relax, flick, fling, service, delve, plunge, wipe, immersed, engulf, rubbing, strain, gasp, clutch, encase, pump, stun, dangle, restrict, dispose, grind, gyrate, ply, degrade, humiliate, chewed, savor, pounding, throbbing, hug, jiggle, struggle,  clench, glare

Fart Synonyms and descriptions(This is my big fetish, so I gave it its own category)-

miasma, emanation, rotten eggs, blast, stifling, murky, stew,  greasy, caustic, trumpet, aroma, unpleasant, revolting, horrid, sickening, vile, offensive, repulsive, curdle, churning, stinky, scent, intoxicating, whiff, stench, nasty, warmth, filthy, rumbling,  putrid, foul, sweet, rotten, cheesy, sulphuric, pungent, reek, bloated, swollen, noxious, nauseated, woozy, bubbly, toxic, gurgling, torrent

Descriptive Words-

thud, heaving, booming, tender, steamy, exertion, whack, euphoric, buttery, creamy, lumpy, muffled, timid, thump, strike, wollop, worst, starving, famished, ravenous, deftly, sultry, seductive, fleshy, flexible, pliable, rolled, intolerable, dainty, amorous, lacy, elastic, blunt, bizarre, stuffy, invigorating, enthralling, weak, nonchalantly, merciless, unforgiving, greedy, gluttonous, milky, murky, tingling, stern, strict, stinging, searing, arrogant, pleasant, divine, sublime, glisten, pulsate, silky, smooth, slimy, mucousy, moist, sticky, hazy, sleek, smooth, powerful, strong, sick, excessive, indulgent, firm, unrelenting, hairy, plush.

About you-

fantasy, glorious, messy, sloppy, dream, frankly, annoyed, supple, coy, sumptuous, curvy, globes, plump, beckon, sweat, dripping, round, mountain(ous), massive, insatiable, caress

About them-

beg, shame, indignity, obligation, demean, apologize, muzzle, nervous, squirm, struggle, exasperation, desperate, request, hesitant, rewarded, focus, trapped, crawl,  anticipation, restrict, suffer, pity, kneel, excruciating, obedience, rude, inconsiderate.

Other (These are loose categories, and I didn’t know where to put these)-

slobber, anticipation, pasty, jello, salacious, waxy, discharge, cringe, masticate, acidic, chill, ripple, nightmare, exhilaration, secretion, release, banal, corn, compliance, pudding, bananas, crud, junk, worm, saliva, masked, petite, yuck, yucky, scorn, glob, depth, spandex, bark, schadenfreude, budding, vexation, elastic, cruel, decadence, extravagant, ghastly, sweat, smear, congestion, sludge, caked, ooze, soiled, avert, succulent, detached, bitter, salty, fuzzy, muscular, ill, waste, cramps, ire, wrath, vengeful, terror, horror, shock, plump, spiteful, abhorrent, buried, smothered.

This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive. This is just a jumping off point for those who may be having writers block when creating new fetish clips. Hope it’s helpful!

If you’re starting out in the fetish clip or cam game, you may be a bit flustered with all the tech involved. Or you may not be! I’m no expert, but I figured I would post a few free, open source tools I’ve had some experience with. I’m a big proponent of Open Source software, so most of the software I recommend here will be FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) In future posts, I’ll cover things like secure email, spotting incompetent webmasters, setting up virtual machines, and whatever else folks request.

Ok, so you want to edit videos, edit photos, and convert videos to any format? Here’s how:

Video Editing Recommendation: Avidemux

I don’t care for the default video editors that come with Windows, and I don’t like paying ridiculous prices for software with tons of features I don’t need. So, I found a FOSS application to meet my video editing needs. Avidemux offers fetish producers the following features:

  • Available on all Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Supports AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF
  • Comprehensive support wiki and forum. The wiki has some great tutorials on digital video basics. I recommend checking it out.
  • The subtitler function allows producers to create watermarks to protect their content.
  • There is a suite of video and audio filters you can use to enhance your videos.

Image Editing Recommendation: GIMP

I’ve been using GIMP for as long as I can remember. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. I’ve never really used Photoshop, but I haven’t run into something that has made me look for another image editing program. It can take a bit of getting used to, so I’d recommend playing around with all the tools to find out what you want to use. GIMP offers the following features:

  • Available on all Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Suite of photo enhancement tools
  • Ability to create animated images
  • Comprehensive user manual and FAQ
  • Supports most output formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PSC, as well as plugins for additional formats

Video Conversion Recommendation: WinFF

Easy to use interface of WinFF

WinFF is an amazingly powerful little tool. Back in the day, video and audio conversions had to be done using command line programs, which are… not fun. Now, there’s a GUI (Graphical User Interface) which makes the process easy. WinFF offers Fetish producers the following features:

  • Available for Windows and Linux (Sorry Apple fans! I’ll see if I can find an option for you)
  • Easily convert any video or audio file to and from tons of different formats, including: .mov, AVI, .mp4, .mpeg, .FLV, and more!
  • A support Wiki, User Instructions, and Forum
  • Ability to set frame rates, frame size, cropping, and bitrate.

So those are my first recommendations. I hope it’s helpful! Much more to come, so please stay tuned.
❤ Max

It always concerns me when I look over the threads in fart forums, and they’re filled with guys seeking women to fart in their face, but not much else. It seems like these guys are essentially looking for a free pro-domme session. Has anyone ever been successful with this tactic? Or is it just a turn-on to post about it?

To me, it makes way more sense to pursue kinky folks, then bring up the topic of farting as something you’re into. If you’ve established a good relationship, it’s much easier to discuss. I’ve also found that people think fart fetishes, watersports, toilet servitude, etc are kinda weird, but not a deal breaker. I’ve had 6-7 partners who were willing to fart in my face, and none of them had done it before. It’s not necessarily something you bring up on the first date, but ease into.

It sounds like there are a bunch of entitled guys who don’t think they should have to do any work to get their fantasies fulfilled. Everything has a cost. I’ve had partners who’ve engaged in various toilet activities, but it’s never the defining aspect of the relationship. Now, honestly, I’d prefer to see pro-dommes or find fetish clips rather than try to make my existing relationships fit what is a fairly unrealistic fantasy…

Also, there’s a lot of issues around privilege at play… Guys, even subs, seem to feel entitled to women’s bodies, and face farting + toilet slavery are not immune to this common form of messed up assumptions.

So, I guess my point is- rather than trying to solicit women for fart fetish fulfillment, wouldn’t it make more sense to discuss how to incorporate farting into new or existing relationships? And leave the demands for domination to the realm of fantasy?

See also: How to not be creepy

Hi, I’m Max.

Max is not the name I was born with. It’s my fetish name. Soon we will all have fetish names, corresponding to our most perverse, uninhibited desires. Names designed to make our most intimate organs resonate with pleasure…

I’m here to share my search for for the best the fetish world has to offer. I am seeking out the strange, the perverse, the bizarre, and the bold.

I’ll be promoting fetish models, sharing ideas, calling out misogynist BS, giving IT security tips, and anything else I can do to help increase fetish acceptance, make it safer for those who engage in it, and encourage generally perverseness in society. I’m just some guy- I work in IT, love fetish porn, am active in the kink scene, and travel a whole bunch, spreading my love of filth as I go!
I hope you will follow along with me on my journey.

I’m Max, a 27 year old fetishist seeking out the strange, the perverse, the bizarre, and the bold.

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